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1 Alford Place
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01224 573892
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Aberdeen Counselling and Information Service (ACIS) has been working closely with the Aberdeen community since 1983. We are an established service, cementing itself as a pillar to the Aberdeen community when it comes to mental health care and support.
What is Counselling?
Counselling offers people an opportunity to talk with a trained Counsellor and work alongside them as clients work towards enacting positive changes in their life. Our Counsellors offer a therapeutic space in which individuals can come to terms with and deal with difficulties that they might be facing, in a positive way, allowing them to move forward and on with their lives.
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What can ACIS counselling offer?
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A safe space for people to be themselves and be heard for anyone living in Aberdeen.
Confidential counselling (adhering to the BACP/COSCA Ethical Frameworks)
An initial meeting to discuss questions and learn how counselling can be helpful
A safe place to look at new ways of coping with difficult experiences, distress or conflict
Support in coming to terms with loss or change in life
A warm and friendly greeting when we are contacted
A free service (Being a charity, we rely heavily on donations, which are gratefully received)
In-house training for prospective volunteer counsellors
How does counselling work?
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We enable our clients to share their thoughts and feelings about issues that are bothering them to someone removed from the situation without fear of being judged
ACIS staff and volunteers work hard to create a strong foundation of trust, enabling individuals to open up and be heard
Counselling can provide relief through talking in a warm, honest and confidential setting
Our Counsellors accompany individuals as they work towards their own conclusions, enabling them to move forward and take action


We currently have no vacancies.
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