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ACIS Youth is a Counselling and information service that provides confidential therapeutic counselling for young people in the Aberdeen City throughout all stages of childhood up to 18 years of age.
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A safe space for people to be themselves and be heard.
A chance to explore new ways of coping with conflict, distress or painful experiences.
A place to come and talk, be heard and be yourself.
Help in coming to terms with loss or change in your life.
A place where you are not judged or told what to do.
Experienced counsellor who will help you make choices for yourself.
To be shown respect and be treated with dignity at all times.
Clear guidelines about confidentiality which are easy to understand.
A chance to better understand your emotions and experiences.
A chance to explore new choices.
ACIS Youth offers counselling free of charge. The service can be accessed directly by young people. Alternatively, confidential requests for counselling can be facilitated by others such as parents, social workers, youth services, teachers, GPs or any other agency, providing the young person has given their consent for others to do this on their behalf. ACIS Youth Counselling Service is confidential. This means that no information is passed on to anyone else without the person's prior knowledge and agreement. The only exception to this would be if Child Protection Proceedings needed to be initiated and this would be done in accordance with the published NHS and Aberdeen City Council guidelines. This means we will keep what is said private unless someone is in real danger. The Service promotes the rights of young people as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989.


We currently have no vacancies.
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